Senior Ruby Developer

Remote · Seattle, Washington, United States · Engineering


Are you a senior or staff-level engineer who doesn't think that bouncy toys, nerf guns, and dinners at work count as "benefits"?

Do you enjoy spending time with your family, friends, and hobbies instead of working after hours or commuting? Or perhaps a work environment that plans its deadlines around your vacations, and not the other way around, with management that shields you from the vicissitudes of the outside world and leaves you the time you need for focused, deep, uninterrupted work?

Or maybe you want to work with a modern development stack, on a team with solid practices where mistakes are considered failures of the process, not the people. In a company still small enough that your contributions won't disappear, and large enough that neither will your paycheck, in one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy?

Consider Cavulus. We've put together an all-remote development team and a suite of powerful tools to tackle problems in the healthcare space, an industry notorious for surviving on Cobol, flat-file systems, and old spreadsheets. Studies have shown that 30% of overall healthcare costs are directly attributable to these redundant and outdated processes. We've brought workflow automation, modern data science, advanced interface tools, real-time stream processing, and people together to bring healthcare costs down for everyone.

Our Stack





Additionally, we need expertise in at least one of the following (facility with multiple items below a serious plus):


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